First KNX IoT devices are available

Interest in KNX IoT is growing among manufacturers and developers, while THREAD-partnership opens new opportunities.

With the very first KNX IoT devices introduced and the latest system components already in use, KNX IoT has reached the next milestone and gained momentum in shaping the world of the Internet of Things (IoT). Several manufacturers and developers around the globe have already joined the KNX community to create the most efficient, secure and innovative IoT solutions and products for the home and building automation market, making KNX the largest development landscape of its kind. The most recent are HPE Aruba Instant On and Nordic Semiconductor ASA, which recently became KNX members. Moreover, endless new opportunities are arising thanks to the strong partnership between KNX and THREAD.

The KNX universe is expanding: first KNX IoT devices are out now! – KNX Association [Official website]