The Cascoda (SDK) includes a comprehensive set of tools for developing systems integrating Cascoda hardware. The SDK is designed to be cross platform and flexible, enabling designing on one system and porting to another with ease. Many example applications are included in order to demonstrate use of the systems.

Toolchain support

The SDK contains a general API which abstracts the functionality of the CA-8210 or CA-8211, and can be run on baremetal or Linux systems. It also contains a collection of custom and third-party helper libraries, which have been integrated for development convenience. A complete reference of the Cascoda SDK API can be found here.

Common API

The Bare-Metal BSPs provide a portable abstraction for baremetal platforms, and a useful set of libraries that can be used to bootstrap development. The Linux platform takes advantage of the extra functionality to enable control of multiple devices at a time, and dynamic selection of SPI/UART/USB Cascoda devices.

Thread Certified

The Chili2D with Cascoda SDK v0.13 is a Thread Certified Component, proving compliance with the Thread 1.1 specification. This means that developers can use the Chili2 and Cascoda SDK in confidence to develop a quality Thread Product. It also opens up the path of 'Certification by Inheritence' at the Thread Group Implementer Tier of membership.

To access the SDK please refer to our GitHub page, here.