The Cascoda Software Development Kit (SDK) supports all major toolchains and provides the convenience of a common API across platforms. Both bare-metal and Linux systems are supported with a comprehensive set of drivers. The powerful OpenThread network layer is supported across all platforms, with user-friendly application examples and test tools for ease of development.

Toolchain support

All common toolchains are supported for bare-metal platforms and Linux platforms. CMake drives the build system of your choice.

Common API

The SDK offers a common API, irrespective of the platform type, allowing accelerated cross-platform development.

Platform support for all node types

Cascoda's SDK supports all ARM platforms, with a simple platform abstraction layer used for vendor-specific implementations. For Linux, Cascoda maintains an SPI driver, and also supports a USB dongle mode of operation.

Powerful network layers

On the network layer, we are a Thread-Certified Component for all node types, using OpenThread. Cascoda also fully supports IEEE 802.15.4-2006 at the MAC Layer.

User-friendly application examples

Our user-friendly application examples include all OpenThread node types and a CLI, a temperature sensor example and powerful test tools for automatic testing and ease of development.

To access the SDK please refer to our GitHub page, here.