Cascoda's KNX IoT Hub provides everything you need to configure your KNX IoT system and connect to an IPv4/IPv6 backbone network. It is a compact low-power design, featuring Cascoda's SMARTRange™ technology to provide long-range Thread connectivity for whole-house coverage. In addition, Cascoda provides a web-interface for comprehensive configuration and network management.

The KNX-IoT Development Kit contains one KNX-IoT Hub, and is available from our distributors.


  • Acts as a Thread Border Router, forwarding KNX IoT datagrams between Thread and the IP Backbone
  • Compatible with existing IPv4/IPv6 backbone networks
  • Integrated Thread, PoE, ethernet, and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • OpenThread Thread stack for long-term maintenance
  • Based on the popular and well-supported OpenWrt Operating System
  • Comprehensive configuration, network management & visualization tools

Optional Extras:

  • KNX IoT Router, to communicate between KNX IoT and other KNX transports (KNX Classic and/or KNX RF)
  • KNX IoT MQTT proxy, to communicate between KNX IoT and an MQTT server
  • Cellular back-haul, using a cellular antenna (indoor or outdoor versions available)


  • Qualcomm QCA9531 chipset up to 650 MHz
  • Flash 16MB, SDRAM 128MB
  • Low power (12V, 1A DC), or Passive PoE (24V DC) input
  • 2× Fast ethernet, one with passive PoE (24 V)
  • 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity
  • External or internal antenna options
  • Dimensions 98 x 74 x 28mm

Comprehensive network configuration

Network visualisation and mapping