KNX IoT Controller

Cascoda's KNX IoT Controller is a battery powered wireless portable controller. It includes a configurable high-resolution E-Paper display to show values from the KNX system. It is capable of displaying and controlling operational loads, e.g. controlling blinds and lights; on/off, dimming/brightening, calling up and saving lighting scenes; displaying temperature & environment measurements etc.


  • Wireless Thread, sleepy end device, using Chili2S with Industry leading receive sensitivity
  • Immediate wake on button press
  • Battery charge status indicator for any chemistry
  • Language options for English, French, German, Italian and Spanish
  • Configurable with ETS6


  • High-resolution E-Paper display
  • Wall or panel mount options
  • Dimensions 135 x 75 x 23mm
  • Battery powered (3 AA) - see note
    • 8-year battery life on Alkaline (LR6)
    • 10-year battery life on Lithium (FR6)

Note: Assuming infrequent daily usage. The chemical life of the battery is likely to determine the replacement cycle.