The Mesh Extender is essential to build out the Thread Mesh network, without adding additional functionality. The Mesh Extender can easily be added to the Thread network, to overcome dead spots in the network and thus cover a larger area than before. The Mesh Extender reduces dependency on the KNX IoT Hub (Thread border router), it routes all messages on the Thread network, even if the device is an end-device.


  • Implements the Mesh Router as a KNX IoT based Device. The Router node is the network entity that routes IPv6 messages between Thread nodes, either other Router nodes or End Devices. This is a networking function of the Thread network.
  • Wireless Thread, router device, using Chili2S with Industry leading receive sensitivity
  • Can act as a Thread Leader on the network.
  • KNX heartbeat, each 5 seconds the heart beat (CPU temperature) is send out, if the data point is linked.
  • Input voltage 5-28 V DC so that works with KNX Bus power, DALI Bus power and USB.
  • small size: aprox: 45mm x 49mm x 23mm (W,L,H)

More information about Thread Networking and KNX IoT

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