KNX IoT Development Kit

The KNX IoT development kit contains all you need to evaluate and develop your KNX IoT over Thread system. It comprises two Cascoda KNX IoT Development Boards housed in small 7.5cm x 7.5cm x 2.5cm sensor cases, one Cascoda KNX IoT Hub, one WiFi antenna, one ethernet cable, two USB cables and a multi-plug power supply.

The KNX-IoT Development Kit works seamlessly with ChiliCuisine™, Cascoda's low-code development environment.

In order to use the Cascoda KNX IoT Development Kit, a KNX configuration tool is needed. For this there are two options:

  • Cascoda KNX IoT Linker: The Cascoda KNX IoT Linker is a configuration software tool that runs on Cascoda’s KNX IoT Hub
    • The Cascoda KNX IoT Linker can be used to configure KNX IoT systems only
    • The Cascoda KNX IoT Linker is available to Cascoda customers who purchase the Cascoda KNX IoT Hub
  • KNX Association ETS 6: Configuration Software Tool to design and configure KNX Installations for intelligent home and building control
    • Issued by KNX Association, the ETS is the manufacturer independent solution for all certified KNX Products
    • ETS 6 can be used to configure all possible KNX installations, be it classic Twisted Pair, Radio Frequency and now even KNX IoT
    • Beta Versions of ETS 6 are available to KNX Members and supports configuration of the Cascoda KNX IoT Development Kit

Getting Started