ChiliCuisine™ is a low-code development environment for KNX IoT Devices using Cascoda's technology, including its KNX IoT Development Kit, KNX IoT Development Board and the Chili2 module. For more information and pricing please contact us.

The KNX IoT Stack implements the core functionality of a KNX IoT Device. It runs on Windows and Linux. What ChiliCuisine™ does is add the layer of what the KNX IoT device needs to do application-wise by implementing the functional blocks via generated code. Furthermore, it provides the porting layer to Cascoda’s Thread implementation, including software update. The input is a simple JSON file, the output is a binary that can run on the Chili Module.

ChiliCuisine™ as a development platform contains more functionality than a conventional compiler setup.

Additional functionality

  • Overview of the used RAM of the created application.
  • Creation of Manufacturer Tool input files
  • Software Upgrade manifest
  • Bill of Materials of the used software

ChiliCuisine™ is implemented as a service using GitHub. No need to install compilers, only to have a GitHub account.

Additional benefits

  • Version control of the input files
  • Release management of the application

How ChiliCuisine™ fits into the design and implementation process