Cascoda's Services

Cascoda has been providing design and development services since 2007. Most recently Cascoda won the contract to develop the KNX IoT Open Source software stack. This was a large project that was executed purely by Cascoda.
The project was completed on time and on budget.

Services Overview

Cascoda is unique in that it has design and development capabilities in RF/analog/digital semiconductor, embedded firmware, network-layer software, application-layer software and cloud dashboard development.

Feasibility & Prototyping

  • Technical feasibility
  • Simulation & modelling
  • Regulatory compliance review
  • Prototype manufacture
  • Prototype testing & tuning
  • RF compliance testing
  • Network-layer compliance testing
  • Application-layer compliance testing

Software Development

  • Embedded on ARM including baremetal
  • PC/Cloud development on Linux & Windows
  • Agile methodologies
  • Multi-lanugage C/C++/Python/Java/JavaScript/...
  • Infrastructure: GitHub, CI & CMAKE
  • Low Power optimization
  • Security optimization
  • ARM Trustzone® optimization

Project execution

  • Software & hardware integration
  • Low power opimization in software & hardware
  • Network layer implementation
  • KNX IoT implementation
  • Device commissioning
  • Device updating
  • KNX IoT proxy implementation
  • MQTT client/server implementation
  • Cloud dashboard design

IoT Security

Cascoda is an expert in IoT security from the creation of secure IoT standards to full implementations using ARM Trustzone® constructs. We know all about the latest IETF specifications,
including OSCORE (RFC 8613) and have experience implementing them. As such our products have gained ETSI EN 303645 accreditation, thereby fulfilling the EU's Cyber Security for Consumer Internet of Things: Baseline Requirements

Support & Consulting

Cascoda is experienced in supporting customers in the development of their products. We always allocate an industry expert as a single point of contact for our customers, who will manage the appropriate resources internally.


Cascoda has a full Thread Test Harness, Agilent test equipment and several anechoic chambers in order to verify any particular implementation.