Battleships over KNX-IoT with ETS6

Ever wondered what KNX IoT is capable of… controlling lights, blinds, but how about playing games? Cascoda’s engineers used ChiliCuisine™, our low-code environment, to develop Battleships over KNX IoT, all configured by ETS6 from @KNX. It only took two days to develop.
Start your KNX IoT project today with Cascoda’s KNX IoT Development Kit, and ChiliCuisine™ which provides everything you need to build your KNX project on Cascoda’s Chili modules and interface with KNX tools. For more information on ChiliCuisine™ come visit us online at KNXperience tomorrow, 4th October 2023.

See the demo on YouTube: Battleships over KNX-IoT – YouTube