The Cascoda Packet Sniffer is a tool for capturing IEEE 802.15.4 traffic, used by Thread, KNX-IoT, Zigbee and more. It is ideal for analyzing network problems, learning about IoT protocols and debugging IoT applications. Thanks to our industry leading receive sensitivity, even the faintest packets can be captured, ensuring an accurate picture of the behaviour of the network.

The Packet Sniffer works with Wireshark, the world’s most popular network analyzer, and can be used with existing Wireshark installations.


  • Detect and decode Thread, KNX-IoT, Zigbee and more on any channel
  • Industry leading receive sensitivity of -105dBm: captures the faintest packets
  • Display Received Signal Strength & Link Quality Indicator
  • Decrypt network and application-layer encryption
  • USB Support, plug into any Windows computer
  • Easy set-up and installation
  • Familiar interface, works with official Wireshark releases
  • View live packet capture, or save directly to a PCAP file

Getting Started

Read our Getting Started with the Packet Sniffer documentation.
Watch the In-Depth Guide to the Cascoda Packet Sniffer
Learn about Packet Quality Metrics (RSS, LQI)