Cascoda Labs

Cascoda has labs capable of PCB comprehensive RF test, Thread pre-certification test and debug, pro-typing and rework. We use these labs to test our devices, and help customers integrate our devices into their application.

Test Equipment

Cascoda has state of the art test equipment from Keysight, including an EXG 4432B Vector Signal Generator and an N9020A MXA Signal Analyser. The image to the left shows a prototype Creator Ci40 under test in an anechoic test chamber.


Thread Test Harness

In addition to state-of-the-art test equipment, Cascoda has the official Thread test harness, and is able to perform pre-certification test, debug and analysis using automated scripts.

Prototyping Capability

Cascoda has a complete module prototyping capability, using bench-top machines for pre-production prototyping and rework.