Cascoda announces an updated SDK with FreeRTOS™ and TrustZone® Support

Southampton Science Park, UK, 10/8/2019 – Cascoda adds FreeRTOS™ and TrustZone® support to its SDK, in addition to existing support for bare-metal and Linux systems. This addition enables highly secure cryptographic hardware acceleration for the powerful OpenThread network layer.

In addition, the SDK adds demo code for massive IoT deployments involving thousands of nodes, drivers for e-paper displays, image compression and QR code generation.

“We have worked hard to build on our SDK to increase usability, security and reliability for all common toolchains and IoT platforms. CMake drives the build system of your choice. The SDK offers a common API, irrespective of the platform type, allowing accelerated cross-platform development.” says Cascoda CTO, Wolfgang Bruchner.