The Chili2 SMARTRange™ module family is a fully-featured Thread-based wireless solution for IEEE 802.15.4 communications in the 2.4GHz band. The Chili2 pairs the Cascoda CA-8211 transceiver modem with an ARM® Cortex®-M23 TrustZone® microcontroller. The Chili2 module provides developers with system design advantages:

  • Best-in-class RF performance with -105dBm receive sensitivity, +9 dBm transmit power and a +114 dB link budget:
    Allowing whole-house coverage in any market on the planet, with no need for a power amplifier.
  • World-class energy consumption, in all modes
  • Highly secure PSA Certified™ ARM Cortex-M23 TrustZone architecture, running up to 64MHz
  • Highly reliable and scalable IP-based mesh network using Thread

Secure by Design

The most advanced security features available, allowing developers to design robust products that comply with upcoming security legislation:

  • Secure boot:
    Cryptographic checks are added to each stage of the secure boot process, to assure the integrity of software images executed, thus preventing unauthorized software from running.
  • True Random Number Generator (TRNG):
    The TRNG enables the generation of a truly random bit stream, required for device cryptography.
  • Cryptographic accelerator:
    Protection for communication protocol keys, providing AES, SHA and Elliptic Curve cryptography.
  • Memory, operation and tamper protection:
    Protection for the device in operation with hardware separation between system and application code.

Cross-platform Operating System

Cross-platform SDK allows for developing on one OS and then easily porting to another depending on the requirements of the system. Develop on Linux for speed and then port the application to FreeRTOS or Baremetal to reduce system cost.

Development Environment

Flexible development environment, driven by CMake build system.
Highly configurable, cross platform and scriptable.
Compatible with any recent compiler such as GCC, Clang and Keil.
Can be integrated into larger build systems like OpenWRT or Yocto.
SDK includes many examples and libraries to accelerate development and decrease time to market.

Wireshark integration

Full IEEE 802.15.4 sniffer functionality to ease development.

A production and a development platform

The Chili2D is a  double-sided stand-alone module, intended as a development platform. It features a voltage regulator, a Li/Li-Po battery charger, a micro-USB socket and a 10-pin 0.05″ ARM-JTAG connector. Power can be provided through USB, 5V or 3V headers, the ARM-JTAG connector, a rechargeable Li/Li-Po battery, a non-rechargeable battery or a variety of energy-harvesting sources.

The Chili2S is a  single-sided postage-stamp module, intended as a production platform. This is designed to be soldered to an application board, which will supply power and interfacing.


  • The module is a fully-integrated USB dongle module for developing Thread / IEEE 802.15.4 applications.
  • Can operate as a USB dongle or a standalone low-power module.
  • Combines the an ARM Cortex-M23 TrustZone microcontroller with the Cascoda CA-8211 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 transceiver modem.
  • The CA-8211 is an IEEE 802.15.4 radio coprocessor/modem with integrated MAC and an exceptional receive sensitivity of -105dBm.
  • The ARM Cortex-M23 microcontroller has cutting-edge security features such as TrustZone, and excellent low power performance.
  • Includes USB and power circuitry.


  • The module is a single-sided postage-stamp module for Thread / IEEE 802.15.4 applications.
  • Is the single-sided version of the Chili2D that is intended to be mounted as part of a larger system.
  • Lacks the USB and battery circuitry of the Chili2D, which is intended to be provided by the parent system.