For a demonstration of the range of the CA-8210 device in an open-field setting, see this video:

The benefit of Cascoda’s technology is a significant increase in range and a reduction in power consumption. In the domestic setting, this increase in range allows for whole-house coverage, without the need for external power amplification. The corresponding saving in terms of lower system cost and reduced power consumption allows for more battery and energy-harvesting powered applications, such as in water meters, gas meters and temperature monitoring.

The benefits of Cascoda’s technology can be summarized as follows:


Equipment cost:

Since Cascoda’s radios deliver a significant increase in range, through increased receive sensitivity, there is a less need for external power amplifiers, thereby reducing the cost of wireless modules.


Installation cost:

Longer range translates to greater data-link reliability, fewer repeater nodes, and therefore lower installation cost. This also lessens the need for skilled installers, and in many cases the consumer will be able to self-install.


Maintenance cost:

Where batteries are necessary, lower power consumption means that batteries will last longer, thereby minimizing maintenance cost.