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To date, wireless home and building automation systems have seen limited adoption, despite the technology being widely available. This is mainly because existing inexpensive semiconductor radio devices are unable to effectively deliver both whole-house* coverage and low power consumption while operating at the global 2.4GHz band.

Why not shout louder?

Many systems manufacturers have chosen to overcome the problem of range limitation by using external power amplifiers. These power amplifiers use specialist semiconductor technologies, and are typically around 20% efficient. Hence, in order to achieve whole-house* coverage, such systems pay a significant penalty in terms of equipment cost and power consumption.

What about mesh networks?

Another way of overcoming the limit of range is to utilize mesh networking. This allows radio nodes to route data, thereby increasing system range. Mesh networking works well in some circumstances, but it necessitates a complex protocol stack and nodes that are always powered on. Hence, in order to achieve whole-house* coverage, mesh networking systems pay a significant penalty in terms of installation cost and power consumption.

Solution: Listening better

Cascoda’s bat™ technology is unique in that it delivers whole-house* coverage by listening better. This technology is based on a completely new type of radio receiver which delivers much improved receive sensitivity for no penalty in power consumption, as compared to with the current state of the art. bat™ technology is fully compliant with existing standards, including mesh networking.

Cascoda's Microchip

CA-8210 – codename Micro-bat™

Cascoda’s first product incorporates bat™ technology to deliver a much improved range for the 2.4GHz Industrial, Scientific & Medical (ISM) radio band of the IEEE 802.15.4 worldwide wireless standard.

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* For a modest European home of 3-4 bedrooms.